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If you dream of making movies, but don’t know where to begin and you are considering film school… then consider this. If you want to know what people in the movie industry REALLY think about film school graduates, take a look at this short clip from Kevin Smith’s comedy “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”:

That’s Chris Rock playing a film director and Jamie Kennedy playing a film school graduate PA. The clip is very funny (and a little vulgar) because it reveals a little spoken of truth here in Hollywood: film school graduates aren’t launch into the higher echelons of the Hollywood elite, directing their own movies and walking the red carpet. Even a “successful” graduate from USC will find that their big industry hookup is just like what you saw in the video: getting coffee for a working director… who probably didn’t go to film school. All over LA you will find recent film school grads desperately trying to find work, and no clear path on how to realize the dreams that led them to school in the first place: the dream to make and direct their own movies.

Then, check out this quote:

 ‘The “majority of students majoring in film and television will not be having careers in those professions”

Stephen Ujaki, Dean of Film & TV at Loyola Marymount, 

NY Times, 7/5/11

That’s from the head of a major Film School being quoted in the New York Times. It’s a pretty powerful quote, the only mainstream admission of the reality most film school graduates face.

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