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I Can’t Believe ‘Pulp Fiction’ is 17 Years Old

I was 17 and in in high school when “Pulp Fiction” came out in late 1994. Holy crap. I first saw the movie with my parents at an art house theater in Rochester. I will never forget watching my Mom, a small woman at 5’1″, curling up into a fetal position during the  infamous “needle scene”. Nor […]


Which Is More Important, Brains or Balls?

When making a movie, which is more important: having brains or balls? Clearly you don’t want to be a complete idiot when making a movie. But you don’t need to be all that smart either. In fact, when I was a TA at NYU, I used to check out editing equipment to graduate students. Some […]


Why Did This Famous Director Drop Out of NYU?

Did you ever see the movie “There Will Be Blood” or “Boogie Nights”? Those are two of my favorites. And both were directed by PT Anderson. Not many people know this, but PT Anderson actually attended NYU Film School… …for two weeks. That’s right. the accomplished director of “Punch Drunk Love” and “Magnolia” spend about […]