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Lesson in Bad Acting from Tyler Perry and “Alex Cross”

Robert Rodriguez, and myself, encourage young filmmakers to learn everything about filmmaking so you can handle any aspect of the product. Especially when you are starting out with no money, you definitely need to know how to produce, get favors, shoot the movie, even act, edit, write, and direct. Tyler Perry has been an example […]


Mind Blowing F/X for Cheap in “Monsters”

A student in Film School Secrets just told me about an impressive indie movie called “Monsters” by Gareth Edwards. The film is a sci-fi action flick about an alien invasion in the Earth. Now, that’s not a terribly original concept and would probably spell “crappy movie” for most indie filmmakers. What’s amazing about this movie […]


If You Liked “Looper” Check Out “Primer”

I finally saw “Looper” this weekend and I thought it was awesome. Tight, imaginative exciting, plausible. All the best elements of sci-fi and even some great moments of humor. Joseph Gordon Levitt did a great Bruce Willis impression too. What’s interesting is that Rian Johnson who wrote and directed the movie consulted with the guy […]