The Real Deal About Film School & Film Jobs

Will Film School Help You Get Film Jobs?

Nooooooooooooooooooooooo. Getting film jobs is like getting in line at a HUGE U2 CONCERT. How do you get film jobs? You get in line. There are literally thousands of people trying to get film jobs. And the people hiring do not care if you went to film school. They care about your other film jobs. So what is every film school graduate in the world trying to do after they graduate? GET AN ENTRY LEVEL FILM JOB.. so they can start building their resume. So what kind of amazing, creative jobs are available for film school graduates?

Getting coffee and being a gopher are the best film jobs a film school graduate can expect

Check out this job right here in LA, right off of Craigslist. Now imagine hundreds of USC, NYU, and other film school grads clamoring for this opportunity:

Film Jobs

Eye opening isn’t it? These are the coveted skills that film productions are looking for in fresh film school grads: the ability to drive someone to the set. The joke is that the DP of this movie is probably someone who never went to film school and just started working in the business.

If you actually want to make a movie, or have a chance of getting some film jobs, get your butt on a movie set right now! If you’re not sure how, check out Film School Secrets Membership Area. We’ll show you how to start networking with real filmmakers no matter where you live in the world, and even better, we’ll show you how to get film students to work for you even if you have never touched a camera! Because the sad fact is, there are tons more film students looking to get film jobs than there are jobs available. And going to film school doesn’t give you an advantage, it sets you back behind people who are enterprising and just start working.