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Plot Vs. Pixels: How Good Does It Really Need to Look?

There’s no question the explosion of digital technology in the last 10 years has changed the industry. But one thing hasn’t changed: the essence of a good movie. Movies are still about great storytelling. But it seems like new filmmakers are still convinced that the perfect, most cutting edge equipment will somehow make their movie stand out. […]


Speilberg/Lucas: What Film Industry “Implosion” Means to You

Two guys, one named Steven Spielberg and one named George Lucas, were quoted last week as saying the film industry as we know it would soon “implode”. This is extremely important to you as an aspiring filmmaker, especially if you are considering investing $100,000 in a traditional film school and trying to go the “conventional” […]


Behind the Scenes: FSS Student Adam Ward

One of my first students, the multi talented Adam William Ward, is directing a new  project here in LA. I was fortunate enough to stop by the set and grab some killer behind the scenes footage of what looks to be a very funny comedy called “Parole Officers”. Believe it or not he even named […]