Behind the Scenes: FSS Student Adam Ward

adamwwOne of my first students, the multi talented Adam William Ward, is directing a new  project here in LA. I was fortunate enough to stop by the set and grab some killer behind the scenes footage of what looks to be a very funny comedy called “Parole Officers”. Believe it or not he even named the main character “Seth” after me! Although since the plot features “Seth” having his life ruined by some ridiculous characters (the Parole Officers), I’m not sure if this is a compliment.

It’s a pilot with feature potential, and Adam is not only directing also co-wrote and playing the starring role.

That may seem like a boatload of responsibility, but Adam’s up to it. He’s extremely focused and driven on top of the talent. I shudder what would have happened to Adam if he’d spent his life’s savings on an expensive film school instead of just taking action and making projects.

As it is, Adam already directed a project called “Three Guys and a Couch” that got him into the Union and got him representation here in LA, as well as meetings with several studios. Now it’s just a matter of creating more work for his directing reel.

The Magic of a Movie Set and The Perfect Take

I was fortunate to capture one of the greatest moments you can experience as a Director. And even though this project is being shot in LA, you don’t have to be here to feel this great feeling. All you need is imagination, some equipment, and a small group of people working together to make a story come to life.

In this case, that visual story involves some slapstick at an engagement party, and one of the older actors getting punched in the face. What’s great about this behind the scenes footage is two fold:

1. You get to see Adam in action, utilizing the leadership training he got through my courses.

2. You get to see a cast and crew focused on a take, doing the take, and then everyone scrambling like little kids to the playback monitor to see what they just shot and laughing about it.

Adam’s the one in white, directing and acting. Check it out:

THAT’S what you want. That’s the juice and the rush of making a movie before it’s complete, getting the right take and everyone coming together to celebrate it.

You don’t need a $100,000 film school degree to experience that yourself. You do need to learn how to be a leader and a visionary and inspire people to work with you on a project of your creation.

The sad thing is that many film school students spend a small fortune to shoot a couple of short films and then never make another movie their entire life. Even fewer actually go on to make even one feature, and almost none get to experience the thrill of promoting their stories to a worldwide audience.

That’s why I created Film School Solution. To help driven and talented directors of tomorrow get a jump start on their career and learn the practical, no BS route towards making their projects happen AND getting them to a worldwide audience of raving fans. If you haven’t signed up for our free webinar to learn more about the course, make sure to head over to and sign up now.

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