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[half][contact-form][/half][half-last][/half-last]sethbeachface6Hi, my name is Seth Hymes, founder of Film School Secrets & Film School Solution. I’m a Media & Marketing Consultant living in Los Angeles, with 17 years of film production experience. I’ve worked as a writer, DP, & Director, and raised Private Investment Capital for movies. I graduated NYU Film in 1999 – one of the biggest mistakes of my professional career. Since 2010 I’ve been running this website and showing young filmmakers a smarter way to reach their goal of Directing movies.

Film School Solution is only open to a few students at a time. You don’t need to live in LA or have any previous experience. You do need to be passionate, motivated, outgoing, practical, and open to coaching. 

Our program costs less than 1% of traditional film schools. To Learn More, watch our in depth Industry Orientation Webinar by clicking hereIf you or your child is interested in joining the program, or even if you just have specific questions about the film industry or Directing, fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch to schedule a time to talk via Skype.