About Seth Jared Hymes

Seth Jared Hymes is a filmmaker, entrepeneur, and educator who has been helping people change their lives since 2010.

Seth went to NYU Film School, graduating with honors in 3.5 years, before spending 10 years waiting tables and delivering pizzas. He had enrolled in NYU because some famous alumni went there, but was unaware of how out of date and impractical the program was. In 2008, he wrote the book “Film Fooled”, exposing Tisch’s hilariously inepty Film Production program, which has not been updated in 50 years.

So in 2010, he started this blog to help educate aspiring filmmakers about the perils of going into debt to pay for film school when you can make your own movies and distribute them faster and easier without school. He also launched the program “Film School Secrets” which provided detailed, in depth guidance on how to get on film sets and network with film professionals, shoot and edit your own films.

In 2013 Seth created “Film School Solution” a 20 hour in depth mentorship program to help students really excel in screenwriting and production, and even help inspire them to make their own low budget feeature film.

In 2017 Seth Jared Hymes produced and wrote the feature comedy “Wally Got Wasted”, which you can watch for free on Tubi. The movie follows the hilarious exploits of a group of friends who accidentally kill a bad guy, then screw up getting rid of his body, so they have to pretend he is alive while being chased throughout LA in one crazy night.

The movie only had a $70,000 production budget – but thanks to an amazing crew and cast, it looks like a studio movie. This is the trailer:

In 2016 Seth moved outside of film to help people start careers in digital marketing. He launched a program called “The Digital Marketing Career Blueprint” to help show people how to aquire in demand skills and get hired. Since then 1000s of people have launched their careers and changed their lives with Seth’s help.

In 2019 Seth wrote a book called “Skip College for Success” – designed to empower young people to make smart financial and career decisions. The book explains why college is a big financial mistake for most young people, using statistics and facts to back this up, and gives specific actionable steps on what they should do instead.

Seth Jared Hymes Skip College for Success

You can learn more about what Seth is up to now on his blog Seth Jared Hymes and on his Youtube Channel.