18 Year Old Wows Internet with His Filmmaking Skills

Last week I discovered Ben Hughes. For those of you who haven’t heard of Ben.. you soon will. Ben has been shooting music videos and youtube videos since he was 15 years old. The difference between most of the vids on youtube and Ben’s stuff is that when he shoots something… it looks GOOD. Like, really good.

Check out his 2010 reel, which was shot when he was just 16 years old:

This reel alone is exponentially more impressive than anything the typical film school grad is shopping around. And, of course, Ben never went to film school. He’s barely out of high school! He simply picked up cameras, accessories, and editing software and spent every waking moment making movies during his teen years.

Some people have called Ben a “prodigy” which I agree with; but I also don’t think he is alone. I just think there are a lot of talented kids out there with the same amount of potential who aren’t nourishing their creative obsession, or who falsely believe that film school is the place to learn how to become a filmmaker. Check out Ben’s website benhughesstudios.com or his youtube channel and see for yourself.

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