Awesome Action Stunt from “Wanted”

I was watching FX this weekend when the movie “Wanted” with Angelina Jolie came on. There’s a lot of haters of this movie but I really like it. It’s about a poor nebish of a guy who discovers he’s actually the son of a world class assassin and has to learn how to be a badass killer. There’s  lots of good action, Angelina Jolie’s face and ass, and curved bullets.

But it also features some of the best and most original driving stunts I’ve ever seen in a movie. And this scene is my absolutely favorite. It’s both exciting and has me laugh my ass off every time I watch it. The set up is pretty simple. The main guy is shopping (picking up anxiety medication I believe) when Angelina shows up and another guy starts shooting at him. Angelina is trying to save him but he runs away like a little girl, out into the parking lot. The bad guy pursues and so does she, and this is what happens:

Oh my God, wasn’t that Rad?! Check it out.

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