Cast Away Wilson Volleyball

cast away wilson volleyball

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The Cast Away Wilson Volleyball is a great gift to give fans of the wonderful movie “Cast Away” starring Tom Hanks. This movie is really a remarkable viewing experience. In fact, there’s a joke in the movie “Bridesmaids” where Kristin Wiig has her emotional epiphany while watching the scene where Hanks loses his volleyball.

But if you’ve seen the movie you know it’s more than just a volleyball. Stranded on a desert island with no human contact for 4 years, Hanks avoids going completely insane by projecting a personality onto the one object he finds that can somehow resemble a human being: a Wilson volleyball. (One wonders if Wilson paid for sponsorship in the movie!)

One day Hanks starts talking to the volleyball and names it “Wilson” after the brand name. He cuts his hand and smacks the ball getting blood all over it, he draws a face out of the blood. Then he rips open the top and stuffs it with straw/tree grass and it looks like hair.

Once Hanks escapes from the island he brings Wilson with him, but a wave knocks Wilson loose and sends him out to sea. It is probably the only scene in movie history where you want to cry over a guy losing a volleyball. Hanks is amazing.

Cast Away Wilson Volleyball Available on Amazon

For fans of the movie, Wilson is now selling these novelty Cast Away Wilson Volleyballs on Amazon. It’s basically a regular regulation Wilson volleyball, except it has the design on the back that is identical to the one Hanks drew on the ball in the movie. It’s pretty cool! Fans love this item. I would imagine some of them use it to play volleyball, but many more enjoy it simply as a fun movie novelty.  The Cast Away Wilson Volleyball it has a 5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon.

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