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Just received this comment on the blog, though it warranted its own post:

“I found your site incredibly accurate and inspiring. I myself did not attend film school and have disregarded all of the so-called experts who said I couldn’t direct a feature film because I have no formal training. I’m a firm believer that passion conquers all, and if you truly believe in your vision and have the drive, determination and skin to go after your dreams, than any and everything is possible. At this time I’m in the pre-production faze of my first feature film. What I find rather fascinating is, the majority of the individuals that make up the production team I have assembled have gone to film school- and guess what- they are all in debt!!!!.. What I find even more ironic is:they are all working for me for very little money- and yet, many of the educated people I initially approached regarding my film all frowned on my ambitions as a director, and said it wasn’t possible. In all, here’s a brief breakdown of some of the key people who make up my team and their situations. My screenplay writer/script supervisor ( a degree in english lit from Syracuse and currently over $150,000 in debt. My Dp, a degree in film from F.D.U and nearly 60,000 in debt. My A.D.. An aspiring film maker who attended NYFA, and couldn’t find work- I found him on craigslist… In all, my goal is to tell a great story and to transform my ideas into a riveting Indie film. I have raised most of the money on my own (unconventionally LOL), and will stop at nothing into this film is made exactly how I envisioned it…. I found the content on your site extremely inspiring because throughout the course of my project I have often wondered if I should have attended a film school. After reading your material, I’m fairly confidant I made the right decision. While I have many technical deficiencies and lack specialized knowledge- I have Passion, and have no doubt in my mind that I will bring my film to fruition… Thank you creating such an amazing site!!!- sincerely Jay”

That pretty much says it all 🙂 Skip film school, make your own movies. To learn how, check out the Webinar:


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