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  1. We devoted an entire blog post to your comments rather than just publishing them below an existing post:

    Why resort to name calling? If you have an intelligent response to the article I will be happy to publish it.


  2. First off, I want to say I really liked the entrance of the website, greeting me with the clip from “Jay and silent Bob strike back”(huge fan of Kevin Smith). this part always put me in some kind of a dilemma about the whole film school myth. I’m really glad to hear that I don’t need to spend so much money and time in order to get started in the business, and to be honest, it really makes a lot of sense But the thing that bugs me the most is the fact that I live in Israel (it’s kind of nowhere),I’m a girl and in order to make it I really need to get out of here (I have an American citizenship).
    I’m really interested in your product but I want to make sure it’s relevant for me as well.I really need some advice on this one from a person who understand (as yourself, duh), if you can guide me I’ll be very grateful!!

    Thanks!! and epic idea by the way.


    • Hi Danielle,

      I love Israel; visited back in 1994. There are filmmakers in Israel and film crews, you can apply the same tactics I recommend to American students over there. I have students in Europe, India, and Australia and I recommend the same approach regardless. You won’t be shooting Hollywood movies, the course is about how to shoot your own movies and network with the creative people around you, and Israel has a great filmmaking community and has produced some great films. You don’t need to live in LA to make movies or get on film sets.

      I suggest you sign up, absorb all the information, put it into practice. And if after 2 months you haven’t found it to make a difference, you can get your money back, that’s the way it is set up.



  3. Hey, Seth. I noticed that you tend to rip on remakes a lot. Although there are A LOT of bad remakes, but there are quite a few exceptions. Scarface, Ocean’s 11, King Kong, The Departed, Let Me In, The Lord of the Rings(a stretch, but they did have that animated film in the 70s). I think remakes have the potential to expand upon the original and introduce modern audiences to the original.

    • Hey Pierce,

      I agree that some of those movies are great; the main thing is the time lapse between the original and the remake. Oceans 11 was made in the middle of the 20th century and re-made 50 years later, so there was enough time to really remake the darn thing. Same with the new King Kong, CGI let it be pumped up a whole level. With Conan and Total Recall, they didn’t add anything with the CG, and they lost a lot of the spark of the original.

      You can usually tell if a remake was made with a real vision in mind (Lord of the Rings) or just to make money (Total Recall), which was made only 20 years ago.


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