Film: Voted #2 Most Worthless College Major

This isn’t an official survey, but Google served up an interesting result when I typed in “worthless”. It pointed me to a fun site called “”, and the article was called “The Top 10 Most Worthless College Majors”. Naturally English Lit, Latin, and Communications made the list. But the #2 contender, duking it out for the top spot along with Religion, was Film.

Heartening to me was the fact that this author, unknown to me, voiced the truths about a film major with the same acerbic sense of humor and raw wit I like to think you will find on this site. Check out this screen shot:

You know, every time I think I am being too harsh on this site, I run into someone in the business OR I find something like this on the web and it reinforces the mad phat truth: film school is a joke, film students will end up grabbing coffee or picking up dry cleaning, and our site and our course and our harsh tone is a necessary evil shining the harsh beautiful light of truth into the pupils of wide eyed aspiring filmmakers. What does all this mean? I don’t know. I do know that if you major in film, you are two notches below the worthlessness of a degree in Latin, Interpretive Dance, English, Philosophy or taking it in the rear.

And if you don’t believe it, check out Film School Secrets to see some of the worthless job opportunities grads from NYU get. Here’s a hint: you can have an illustrious position as a boom pole operator, a receptionist, or a waiter. That’ll show Hollywood! Instead,  start learning from working professionals doing their jobs in real time, understand film as a business, and don’t you dare pay a freaking cent to crew on somebody else’s film. And if you want to learn how to hire film school grads still reeling from their worthless degree, check out Film School Secrets.


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