Can You Handle the Truth About Film Schools in 2016?

99 out of 100 people don’t want to hear the truth about the film business. They’d rather buy into the pipe dream that getting a degree and making some student shorts will get you “connected” and start your career. That just isn’t how it works. At Film School Secrets, we won’t BS about a multi million dollar directing contract or seeing your name in lights. We do promise direct, no bullshit information that will be useful as you begin a filmmaking career.

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Due to Popular Demand, Film School Secrets is No Longer an 8 Week Course. Instead, You Get Instants Access to All 8 Modules. 

You will be charged $97 for Film School Secrets. As soon as your payment is received you will have Instant Access to the Members Area. Film School Secrets is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You have 60 Days, and if for any reason you are dissatisfied, you get a full refund.

Film School Secrets

In Film School Secrets, here’s what you get:

  • “Film Fooled” ebook, currently selling for $49.95 at and on Amazon.
  • The first step for many young filmmakers is simply to understand the reasons why film school is a bad investment. The pressure to attend school can be very intense, and people still have a belief that film school will give you an advantage in the business, which is false. Film Fooled is a detailed, class by class dollar for dollar account of the NYU Undergraduate Film Curriculum, (which has not been updated in over 10 years). You will learn detailed information about the Professors, the School, post-graduate support, including screenshots of emails, the NYU job list serve, life in the business, and more. This book alone can save you $30,000 to $160,000 in wasted tuition . The principles can be applied to any school, to help you understand why school doesn’t make sense if you’re serious about the business.

Listen to what Cary Solomon, 20 year veteran of the business and repped by ICM and William Morris, has to say about “Film Fooled”. Cary is also the screenwriter of the film “God Not’s Dead”, which grossed more than $60 Million last year:

Listen to Cary Solomon’s Exclusive Quote:

Some other testimonials:

“I am an NYU Film alum (full disclosure: I met him and discussed some of my experiences while he was writing the book) and not only do I share his view that the benefits of a film school education are overrated (not to mention overpriced), but most of the alumni I know feel the same way. Overall, this is a book I’d recommend for anyone contemplating film school. Even if, after reading it, you still decide film school is a good idea, you’ll have a much more realistic set of expectations about what to expect (and what you definitely should NOT expect) from it.” – Matt Miranda, LA.

“”Lights, Camera, Read On!” This gem is a riot in the best sense of the word – hilarious, serious, insightful, searing, and unabashedly honest. For anyone who’s considering film school, or considering sending a child to film school, this is a must-read. For everyone else on the planet, this is still a great read. I can’t wait to see the film version!” – Shirley Vernick, writer Cosmopolitan, McCall’s

“This is the best advice ever” – Ramoine Malone, Michigan

“Am loving the site. I actually just started film school and a lot of your criticism is spot-on. I’m trying to use the advice on your site, along with the resources of the school, to maximize the time I spend here. Great content.”- Josh, UK

“I like your explanation, practical and to the point, so it’s very much appreciated. You’ve helped me think of many possibilities I hadn’t thought of before. It’s actually fun to listen to, and I like your detailed references. Thanks!” – Tom van de Waal, Netherlands

The meat of Film School Secrets is our 8 Part Course that covers topics you will not hear discussed anywhere else. Every film school and filmmaking course talks about the same, basic short filmmaking techniques you could find on Youtube…that’s not what were talking about. These are the important, practical, life or death for your career questions every film school grad has that they don’t learn about in school.

Film School Secrets Video Course Film School Secretsconsists of 8 Modules, each designed to give you information we wish we’d had when we enrolled in school.

  • Mod 1: The Big Picture. An overview of the film business, how film students and film school grads are viewed in the business, why film school grads aren’t taken seriously and how you can be taken seriously without any film school.
  • Mod 2: Get on Set: The only way to build a career in the film business is to start working! We show you how to get on pro film sets no matter where you live in the world, how to network with pro filmmakers, get valuable hands on experience without paying a thing (versus those guys at NYFA paying $30,000 a year to crew). We’ll also show you how to get on student film sets from some of the most prestigious film schools… for free! Learn how to have NYU, USC, NYFA students literally beg for your help! Work right alongside them without paying a penny of tuition. HOW TO GET HIRED WITHOUT FILM SCHOOL, HOW TO WRITE YOUR RESUME AND BUILD IT THE RIGHT WAY….We include something they should have at every film school: A Professional Resume Template to present yourself the right way to Production Managers and people in the biz…
  • Mod 3: Cameras & Tech Stuff. 15 Minute Film School. Why most pro filmmakers learned everything they need to know about filmmaking in under an hour, basics of lighting, sound, shot composition, cam movement, the best camera to buy… and more…
  • Mod 4: The Screenplay: Better guidance on screenwriting than is available in any film school. (Getting a Degree in Screenwriting is more worthless than tits on a bull). There is one book everyone in the business uses as a guide to writing a good script, and it isn’t a textbook or something you study about in school. We tell you what book it is and hook you up with working filmmakers and NYU Film Grads in the biz who offer screenwriting classes and critiques for about 10% the cost of a class in school.
  • Mod 5: Hire and Command. How to direct your own set for less than books at film school. The smart way to learn directing, learn how to work with pro filmmakers, get your own pro demo reel shot for less than a pencil at film school! Also how to hire film school students to work for you for free or next to nothing!
  • Mod 6: Local Movie Method. Why shooting a movie in your hometown is easier and more cost effective than coming to LA. Tips and tricks on saving money, getting free crew help, and how you can shoot your movie for less than a down payment on a car.
  • Mod 7: Production basics: While your friends are paying $4,000 for a class on Producing, learn the basic, simple nuts and bolts of how a production works, what a producer does, and why you don’t need to know anything technical or own a piece of equipment to be a filmmaker!
  • Mod 8: Distribution: The Internet has leveled the film industry. Learn how using online marketing methods and resources can help you build an audience without every having to beg for an audience with a Hollywood Exec. Digital distribution is the future of filmmaking and any new filmmaker must learn about it to be competitive in the future.

That’s over 2 hours of video. But it’s not designed to just give you a lot of useless random information; each module is designed to build on the others and give you a route, a plan, a real direction to take if you want to be a director or work in the film business.

In addition to that, we offer:

  • Interviews with working filmmakers: Hear direct, NO BS stories about how regularly guys like Buz Wallick with a passion for film got into the business without film school. (Or, in some cases, after dropping out of film school). You have the opportunity to email and connect with these guys directly if you choose.
  • Contact with myself and other filmmakers and other film school grads. We are hear to answer any questions you may have and even critique your films if you’d like.
  • And you even get this 351 PAGE FILMMAKING REFERENCE GUIDE FREE…. covering all the “basics” you’d get in film school plus a ton of other info on Directing, Screenwriting, Producing, and valuable resources and links:

With Film School Secrets you get:

  • “Film Fooled”, 162 page ebook
  • “Film School Secrets” 8 Part In Depth Video Course
  • Access to Insider Documents; Resume Templates
  • Expert Interviews with working filmmakers
  • Networking opps with working filmmakers

Film School Secrets is not for everyone, only people who are serious about working in the film business and/or making their own movies.

Add To Cart – $97$67

Film School Secrets

You will be charged $97 for Film School Secrets. As soon as your payment is received you will have Instant Access to the Members Area.

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