Check out My Latest Commercial About Google

I just finished shooting a project for a company I work for that does AdWords PPC management. I actually wrote the script, co-directed, edited, and starred in the darn thing. [Watch out for some tech language and idioms that not everyone will get]. See if you can see the stylistic similarities we were going for between this and The Godfather. (Also see if you can recognize the music towards the end. It sounds like “The Dark Knight” but we actually found a nice independent score that sounds like it but isn’t the actual soundtrack).

(Also look out for the killer 80s saxophone score in the middle of the clip)

This is the opening scene of “The Godfather”. It’s an incredible movie if you haven’t already seen it, go rent it now (because if you pay $30,000 for film school, you’ll end up watching it anyway). But one of the best and most unique things about the movie is the low lighting. I mean, you can barely see some of the actor’s features, but it works. It’s not like bad student film lighting… it’s a style that has been copied thousands of times sense.

We tried to imitate the theme of the opening scene to a degree… as BonaSera asks for help from the Godfather… in our sketch Joe the Shopowner asks for help from the “Googfather”. Of course our Googfather is a little more diabolical. Also, we did not have a dolly to work with. This is a great example of how slight movement in a scene can make a real difference.

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