Have You Seen This Bill Murray Comedy Gem?

quick-change-movie-poster-1990-1010469868A couple of days ago, my girlfriend brought over one of my favorite movies ever that she took out of the library. The movie? “Quick Change”. An early 90s gem starring Bill Murray, Geena David, and Randy Quaid.

The concept is pretty simple. A guy dressed as a clown robs a bank. It’s the perfect crime… except the clown and his team can’t get to the airport afterwards.

It’s hysterical. Sharp writing and great performances abound, including a chance to see Stanley Tucci and Tony Shaloub in their younger years. I think I love this movie because my family rented it when I was a kid and we all enjoyed watching it together.

There’s a new movie coming out called “Now You See Me”, and the pitch is that a bunch of magicians rob a bank. In fact, you could say “Point Break” is about a bunch of surfers who rob a bank. “Dog Day Afternoon” is about a bisexual guy who robs a bank for his lover’s sex change op. I think you probably make a great movie about anything to do with a bank robbery.

How’s this… what if a BABY robbed a bank? That would be classic.

Anyway, “Quick Change” is highly original and very endearing. Supporting characters also include Jason Robards, Philip Bosco, and even good old Phil Hartman.

I recommend watching it not only for the comedy, but for the incredible structure. It’s very tight, with a lot of tension, even though it’s a comedy. And if you have ever lived in New York, you’ll really enjoy it, because it’s basically about how all of the stupidity and chaos of the city prevents them from getting out of town with the money they robbed from the bank.

Also, believe it or not, Murray co-directed the movie. It was directed by Howard Franklin and Bill Murray, which is something you rarely see. Most teams of directors are brothers, for some reason, like the Coens. But Murray proves he is a worthy co-director. You can get the DVD of “Quick Change” here, or you can always rent it from Netflix.

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  1. I watched the film but this is the first time I have read that Bill is the co-director.

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