Are Undergraduate Film Schools like Kindergarten?

Film Schools are like the Kindergartern of the Film World. You get to play with some toys, cameras, and computers for a few months or years, and feel like a big boy or girl.

And then you get a shiny diploma, or degree, which is a lot like getting a “gold star” in Elementary School:

Which Gold Star cost $100,00?

Which Gold Star cost more than a Volkswagen?

When you see a photo of film students at an expensive school looking so focused and serious with a fancy looking camera (that cost less than their tuition) and some lights or a boom pole…

1000 camera

…it’s kind of like putting a Toddler behind a steering wheel and letting them pretend they know how to drive a car.


That’s why the best a film school graduate can hope for (even one that went to USC) is a job getting coffee for someone else. The fact is illustrated brilliantly in Kevin Smith’s epic “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”.

Film School Dropouts 1000, Film School Grads 2

Martin Scorsese went to film school in the 1960s. So did George Lucas.

The rest of the successful working directors in Hollywood did not.


The number of successful working directors in the film business has always outnumbered those who went to any film school, be it USC, NYFA, or AFI, by 100 to 1.

A successful film school graduate is the exception to the rule.

You’ve got Cameron, Tarantino, Hitchcock, Jon Ford, Woody Allen, Sam Riami, David Fincher, Steven Spielberg, John C. Alvidsen, Billy Wilder, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, John Woo, and Fellini. Every director who worked before 1965 when film schools began. Not to mention all the people directing episodic tv who never went to film school.

We’re talking literally 1000s of directors.

But wait! 50 years ago, 2 guys named George Lucas and Martin Scorsese went to film school and later enjoyed massive career success.

Don’t bother looking at the curriculum or the success of recent graduates.

Don’t bother connecting with working professionals and really assessing the value of a degree in the industry.

Because maybe… just maybe…if you go to the schools they went to, and pay the schools a quarter of a million dollars more than they paid, the same thing will happen to you!

Young boy with his fingers crossed

And maybe Santa Claus will bring you a 3 picture deal based on the short film you paid $55,000 to make for your thesis too!

The fact is, most aspiring filmmakers are living in a fantasy world, just like a little boy and girl, when it comes to a Directing Career.

At Film School Secrets, we are brutally honest in order to help people achieve their dreams, instead of buying into the fantasy that is sold at film schools.

We treat our students like adults, to make sure they get the skills they actually need to build a directing career.

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