$82,137 down, about $35,000 to go….

Koo, an insanely talented filmmaker who runs the filmmaking blog nofilmschool.com, has been fundraising for his new feature film “Man-Child” using the crowd fundraising site “kickstarter.com”.

This is a two pronged blog. First off, you should know that Kickstarter is an awesome site that allows you to post a project and receive funds to raise your budget (again, something they won’t talk about in film school). In fact, you could probably take your film school tuition, throw it into your project so you’ve raised something like $20,000 out of a $60,000 project, and it will inspire people to contribute. (After all, people are usually more willing to ante up when they see you’re close to your goal).

Koo has done something amazing. His goal is a $115,000 budget for his first feature, the script for which has already been in two screenwriting contests. He’s so far raised $82,137 with 4 days to go. The only problem with Kickstarter.com is that you have to set a fundraising goal, and if you don’t reach it, you don’t get any of the money raised. (That’s why I prefer Indiegogo.com. Or, set your fundraising goal LOW and you can keep the extra).

I suggest everyone reading this go over to Koo’s page and throw in a few bucks. For as little as $5 you can help make this happen. Here is Koo’s very professional pitch video, click on the link below to check it out for realz.

Even if Koo doesn’t reach his fundraising goal ($30,000 in 4 days might be tough), it’s an inspiration to have raised this much to begin with, and a good example you can follow when trying to raise money for your projects!

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