Netflix Streaming Selection

So here’s the downlow on the Netflix Streaming Selection: it sucks, and its cool.

Okay, what the heck does that mean?

Why It Sucks:

The Netflix Streaming Selection does not include many of the most popular new release movies coming out on DVD. Streaming services for these movies cost $3.99 a view, or you can pay $2 a rental at a Red Box, so it’s not really fair to expect to get unlimited access to the very latest DVD choices for $8 a month. Given that, you may wonder why the heck you’d even bother with the service.

Why It’s Cool

On the other hand, the Netflix Streaming Selection includes thousands of TV shows and movies that are highly entertaining, including some recent favorites. For instance, I was able to catch up on all 4 seasons of AMC’s Mad Men and the first 3 seasons of Breaking Bad right on my computer.

Netflix Streaming Selection also includes “Stars” play, which means that new titles do get featured. I remember right after “Toy Story 3” came out on DVD is was also available on streaming.

Personally, I use Netflix Streaming to catch up on classic and quality TV shows and movies. Right now I’m watching “Damages” and I just watched “Die Hard”.  They also have a ton of cool documentaries like “Man on Wire” and complete TV shows like “Wings” and “Cheers”.

Netflix Streaming Selection: Conclusion

Remember ten years ago when you had to drive to the video store to rent movies for $5 a pop? We’ve become spoiled. The fact is that Netflix provides a ton of great movies and tv shows for only $7 a month. Is it right to expect them to have every new release under the son for that price? I don’t think so.

If you absolutely must have the latest movies right now, skip the Netflix Streaming Selection and get the full DVD or check out a Red Box.

At the end of the day, this is just my opinion on the Netflix Streaming selection. If you’d like to see for yourself simply go over to the Netflix website and click “browse selection” and you will see about 20 or so titles from each popular category of movies and TV shows.

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