Directing Skill Set & Logistics

Directing Skill Set: Logistics

Alright, you might be saying to yourself “That’s great, but I’ve never even Directed a Youtube video! I don’t know how to work a Camera. How can I even think about Directing a Feature Film?”

That’s not your problem. The problem is that nobody ever distinguishes specifically what is required to be a Director.

Directing Skill Set:

  •  50% Artistic
  • 40% Managerial
  •  10% Technical

That’s right. Ask any director. Directing is more about how you lead, manage, and maintain a vision of the story you want to tell than it is about learning the technical side of how to use a camera or hang lights.

Plus, learning to light a scene and shoot a video is very easy. Have you been on Youtube lately? There are 15 year olds doing Hollywood Level Special Effects with their home computer.

But really, to be a Director is more like being a Small Business Owner. In fact, if you don’t know how to use a camera, you can just hire or partner with somebody who does.





In the old days, film cameras cost $200,000, you needed a 500 pound editing flatbed to literally cut and spice the film together, and you could only find an audience through one of the major Studios.

It sucked!

But now, everything has changed…


You can purchase a high quality digital camera, lights, and editing equipment for less than the cost of one class in film school. You can practice making your own short movies to improve your skills, and:

not only can shoot your own feature film… you can distribute it to a worldwide audience NOW. 

It’s right there, waiting for you.


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