Pathetic Film School Job Opp. List 1/12

As an alumni of NYU Film School I was just transferred to the Tisch Alumni Career network, which basically puts you into a database that collects thousands of jobs ops from big job websites and conglomerates them into one place. I think it was too much work and cost too much money for the school to have any dedicated, competent industry connected person actually building and nurturing relationships within the biz anymore.

Anyhow, if you’re thinking of going to NYU (or any other film school), take a look at this sample of recent job ops:

Remember, Thousands of Grads Fighting Over These Opps

Okay, so first off there are clearly some dance and fine art opps in there. But that’s nothing new, you’ll typically see irrelevant jobs mixed in with the scraps of real film work available. But still, these are prime job opps from a very expensive school!

You’ve got… Research Assistant, Visitor Assistant, Greeter… (kind of like at Wal Mart!) PR Manager, Sound Technician for a theater….Assistant, Assistant, Researcher, Assistant. Awesome.

Of course, one of my students just got in touch with a local filmmaker and is now editing, shooting, and gripping on high def commercials with no previous experience.

I don’t care what your SAT score is, you are completely brain dead if you apply to schools that provide job opportunities like this. Isn’t one of the big selling points on film school that it gets you “connected”? Bullshit. Most incoming freshman have no idea the lame job opps available after graduation, but if you’ve reached this page you can no longer live in ignorance.

Film schools do not take care of their graduates. Take “Film School Secrets“, save yourself a shitload of money, and learn how to get on real film sets for free and start your career the smart way.

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