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Are You Ready to Become the Next $100,000 Joke?

Film SchoolsFilm School Secrets begs the question of film schools: how stupid do you have to be to pay $30,000 a year to use equipment you could buy for $3,000? How deluded do you have to be to imagine that a certificate of completion or degree from one of these film schools makes a lick of difference in the film world?

Imagine Ari Gold bowing down and listening to a grad from one of these film schools. Ain’t happening, baby.

We know this sounds harsh and unforgiving, but guess what? That’s how the film industry really is. We’ve seen a lot of film schools advertisements and filmmaking courses online, and most of them are full of %^t. Film Schools make millions of dollars every year selling dreams to fools. New York Film Academy rents a lot on the Universal Studios backlot but has no affiliation with the studio. Why? Because people they found that people will pay $40,000 a year to use a $2,000 camera a half a mile from the “Back to the Future” lot.

It’s like “The Matrix”. You have to wake up to the harsh reality before you can be free and actually start your career the right way. The reality is something everyone working in the film business knows, and every graduate of film schools eventually finds out. You don’t have to take our word for it. Just read this quote from a recent New York Times article titled “For Film Graduates, an Altered Job Picture”:

“The majority of students majoring in film and television will not be having careers in those professions,” Stephen Ujlaki, Dean at Loyola Marymount’s School of Film and Television. (Source: NY Times 7/5/11)

That’s the truth, recorded for the first time in the mainstream media by a high ranking official at a known school. But everyone in the business has known this for years. Graduates of film schools are considered inexperienced, cheap labor, only good for two things: getting coffee and picking up dry cleaning. Don’t believe us? Check out this fun (and slightly offensive) clip that demonstrates how people in Hollywood look at most graduates of film schools.

Films Made at Film Schools Are a Joke

It gets worse. People who think film schools are a good investment usually site the “artistic education” as something you can’t get anywhere else. But have you ever actually seen a student film from NYU, USC, or any other film schools? It’s laughable. Don’t take our word for it, look for yourself and decide.

Here are some examples of what young people are actually paying $40,000 to learn and produce.

This is a sample 2nd year film from a student at NYU:

and this a film from class 310 at USC:

And this is a similar one from New York Film Academy’s $18,000 a semester course:

The NYU curriculum has not been updated in 15 years. USC is similarly outdated. NYFA copied these two schools to make their filmmaking program.


see what students are paying $40,000 to make. Those are just the 2nd year films. But what about the expensive “thesis” films that can cost more than $50,000 on top of tuition? A recommended comment by a reader on that NY Times article:

“I recently attended the NYU Film Festival here in Los Angeles. They showed only the best student films of the year and they were… not good. I sat there thinking that NYU had done these students a huge disservice. After all that time and effort, you’d expect to have a film that might launch your career. But I don’t think the students had enough perspective to know this and they certainly weren’t taught by NYU.”

These select quotes are just a small sampling of what you find when you actually venture into the world of filmmaing. If you want to know what Hollywood thinks of film school, then click here to see a clip from Kevin Smith and Chris Rock.  Those graduates of film schools who do find work usually end up getting coffee or picking up dry cleaning.

This site was built to reveal the truth to aspiring filmmakers and provide a no nonsense alternative.


We hate to say this, but it’s true: most aspiring filmmakers are too pretentious to listen to

ur logical advice. Which is this: to get ahead in the film business, you need to understand how it works as a business. In 2011 it’s never been easier or more possible to have a career making movies. And never in history have so many people been spending a small fortune to learn the same stuff you could learn yourself in a couple of days.

Film Schools: The Nasty Truth Revealed

When we went to film school in the 1990s, there was still an excuse; it was hard to crack the film business and even get your hands on film equipment. Nowadays, it’s ridiculous. HD cameras and the internet have launched more careers than any film school in existence.

Check out New York Film Academy’s list of successful alumni: pretty slim pickins. All of NYU and USC’s big names are from back in the 80s and 90s. We double dog dare you to show us any film school grad that warrants the insane cost of these schools.

But unfortunately, even though all the evidence is pointed against it, film schools have become a thriving money making machine. New York Film Academy banked over $50 million last year. It’s a gold mine. Sadly, most aspiring filmmakers would rather spend $100K to sit in a classroom and play with a Macbook than hear the truth.

That’s the Bad News. The Good News Is That You Can Work on Film Sets & Make Movies Much Smarter, Faster, & Easier Than Going to Any of These Film Schools

If you have an inkling of ambition to really work in the film business and are not completely brain dead, then go ahead and check out Film School Secrets. We will show you stuff that is smarter, stealthier, and just plain better than going to school. Many people may laugh at what we say is possible, but those same tools haven’t actually been to film school or spent a day on a film set, had a pitch meeting, gaffed, gripped, directed, or produced a thing in the biz.

We’ll show you how to get on student film sets for free, and have USC and NYU and Full Sail film grads working for you for free, as well as how to start getting on pro film sets while your film school buddies are sitting in a lecture hall listening to guys who haven’t made a movie in 20 years. Click Here to Learn More About Film School Secrets, the best kept secret in the film business and get the real deal about film schools….

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