“The Avengers” Shot on an iPhone?

Word is out: the new big budget $200 million dollar action flick “The Avengers” has been shot… on an iPhone. Okay, well not the whole movie. But Academy Award nominated DP Seamus McGarvey fessed up to using his little iPhone to grab a couple of shots that actually made it into the film. And in the trailer!

This may just be a gimmicky story, but for aspiring filmmakers it should serve as inspiration. The high quality of new video gadgets has become so awesome that I’ll bet many people will not even notice the difference between this smartphone and the film camera the rest of the movie is shot on.

It also begs the question: if an iPhone can produce images good enough to stick into a major motion picture, why are students still paying $40,000 a year to use video cameras that cost $3,000, when you can get an iPhone with your Sprint or AT&T plan for $100 ? The whole thing doesn’t make any sense. The world of images and pixel quality is upside down from years ago. Go ahead, grab your iPhone and make a damn movie.

Here’s a sample of a webisode shot with an iphone:

A lot of beginning filmmakers ask “what camera should i buy?” That’s a great question… for later film projects or a feature. But when you’re just learning the basics and getting your rhythm and storytelling skills down, it just don’t matter. Back in the 90s when film schools began, the only option you had was to either buy a big ass VHS camcorder for $1000 or a film camera. There were no smart phones or pocket digital cameras to cut your teeth on.

But these days, there’s no excuse to not start shooting short films. Or for paying more money than a house to use the shitty cameras they give you at school. In fact, as the iPhone demonstrates, the image quality may be even better than you thought. Pick up your smart phone, write a script, get some shots, edit it on your imac, and you’re already light years ahead of most film school students. To get more insight on how to use your iPhone smarter than a film school grad will use his $100,000 degree, check out Film School Secrets.



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