Twilight With Cheesburgers & Upright Citizen’s Brigade

With another Twilight movie on the horizon, its a good time to look back to yesteryear at one of the web’s funniest Halloween horror vampire teenie girl movie spoofs: “Twilight with Cheeseburgers”. This short was directed by Pete Atencio and has over 1,000,000 views on Youtube. Pete’s been working in the biz ever since he dropped out of film school.

FYI, the short was shot via Upright Citizen’s Brigade, an improv group in Los Angeles. This is one of the faster, better, smarter ways to meet actors and get into the film/entertainment community. If you are in LA or NY, join the Groundlings or UCB for an improve class and you’ll meet lots of great actors and aspiring actors/filmmakers, more so than in film school at a fraction of the cost of film school.

To learn more about how you can start your career faster, smarter, and cheaper than going to film school make sure to check out Film School Secrets. And enjoy Twilight… with Cheesburgers!

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