Waterproof Video Camera

Got a great movie idea, but all the action takes place underwater? Probably not. But still, having a waterproof video camera can be pretty cool.

And nowadays you can get your hands on a waterproof video camcorder that you can not only take underwater but also captures HD images and costs less than $200. Let’s get to the candidate for best waterproof video camera:

Waterproof Video Camera #1: Kodak Playsport ZX3

waterproof video cameraThe Playsport ZX3 by Kodak has been a bestselling waterproof video camera for years. Recently, Kodak came out with the brand new ZX5…. but we’re still sticking with the older ZX3. Why? Because for some weird reason, the sensor on the older ZX3 is actually bigger than the newer model. Which means better video, hands down. Hopefully in their next update, Kodak will get it right and put a bigger sensor in the newer model.

The ZX3 cost about a c note, but it gets full 1080 HD video. It also takes 16:9 5 megapixel still shots as well. It’s waterproof to 10 feet underwater. You can store up to 10 hours of HD video with a 32 GB HD card.

The ZX3 also has over 1100 customer ratings on Amazon with an average score of 4 out of 5 stars.

Here are some things people had to say:

And here’s some sample video from the Kodak ZX3 of some snorkeling in Hawaii:

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Waterproof Video Camera #2: GoPro HD Hero Cameras

The Playsport is a great option for most consumers. But if you’re seriously hardcore about underwater filming and need to go deeeep… then check out a GoPro HD Waterproof Video Camera.

GoPro has an entire line of waterproof video cameras that retail for around $200. That’s comparable to a Flip, but much more rugged.  There’s a basic model, then one for your helmet, your surfboard, an ATV, motorcycle, and pretty much any other cool sporting event you can think of.

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But for basic underwater shooting, the GoPro HD Naked Model is the most popular. This waterproof video camera does not mess around. It’s durable, with an impact resistant housing, and is waterproof waterproof for up to 180 feet(!) It also features attachments to mount the camera on a helmet, a motorcycle, boat, ATV, or any motor vehicle.

It’s also got a super wide angle lens and shoots at 60fps for fluid fast action sports video.

This waterproof video camera has over 290 customer reviews on Amazon with an average 4 out of 5 star rating:

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 Finally, here is a clip from one of our favorite movies. It’s an underwater fight scene from “Top Secrets”, by the guys who directed “The Naked Gun!”

That shows you just what you can do with a good waterproof video camera!


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