Why Did This Famous Director Drop Out of NYU?

Did you ever see the movie “There Will Be Blood” or “Boogie Nights”? Those are two of my favorites. And both were directed by PT Anderson. Not many people know this, but PT Anderson actually attended NYU Film School…

…for two weeks.

That’s right. the accomplished director of “Punch Drunk Love” and “Magnolia” spend about 14 days at film school before he realized… it was a joke.

Instead he directed his own short without paying tuition and networked with people directly in Hollywood with nothing but his own drive, talent, and determination. Why did he leave NYU? Don’t ask me, hear it from PT himself.

It’s an absurd proposition: write a screenplay and get a grade. As if an “A” or “B” in college means anything in the real world of filmmaking.

All I am left with from this story is this: how many amazing filmmakers are wasting their time, money, and talent on film school classes when they could be doing what PT Anderson did and making their own movies right now?

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